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Thank You II!

Yes, we do know it’s the 25th of December and no one will read this! Or maybe you’re in a sugar coma with nothing else to do and this will be our most read post of the year! The festive season brings the gratitude out of us! It’s […]

We’re all storytellers

We’ve had such an amazing time at last night’s show! The Storytelling Jam proved to be a great concept and one we’ll be sure to repeat! This week’s Tuesday Drop-in will not be taught by anyone. Yes, that’s right, there’s no Drop-in class on the 12th September. But […]

Guest Teachers

Yes, you read right! Guest teachers, plural! Keith Horvath has taught improv and sketch at Columbia College Chicago and is one of about 70 worldwide alumni of The Second City Directing program, and a former Class Administrator and director at The Annoyance. He’s coming to London to teach […]