The Games That Time Forgot at Christmas – Santa Claus Saves the Earth at Christmas, Playstation 1

Santa_Claus_Saves_the_EarthToday we look at a Christmas game that hit the shelves back in 2002 that was about the big man himself saving ‘the world’ – although this in the game actually meant saving Christmas. Today we look at the game called Santa Claus Saves the Earth at Christmas that was available on the PS1 and Game Boy Advance.

The game was released on the 15th of December, just in time to be played to the run up to Christmas. It was developed by Ivolgamus and published by Telegames. The game was based around Christmas Eve and an evil fairy sending Santa to an Enchanted Land the aim of the game is to get him back in time to help deliver the presents and save Christmas day.

The game received a lot of negative reviews as it was too easy to get lost in the levels and the graphics were very poor. The music went on a constant loop and was made up of a melody that was annoying to players and it was also hard to fight against the enemies.

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