If there is one thing that I have enjoyed doing from a very early age then its Christmas cards. I used to love buying a huge pack of Christmas cards at school and then writing a list as to who would be the special 40 / 50 people that would get a card (oh yes I used to get a huge box of cards – the cheap ones with silly designs.) When i was at high school i loved making lists and this was a perfect time to do it. I would then go through and highlight or tick off the ones that I had written – it was the satisfaction of having a completed list.

At my high school they had a postbox in the reception that you could post all your Christmas cards and then a prefect would then go to each of the form groups and deliver the cards – i never, never, NEVER used this postbox — what was the point of writing all these Christmas cards and then not having the proud privilege of hand delivering them!?! THAT WAS THE BEST BIT!

Even though I am not named after Christmas (although everyyy year you can gurantee someone will say something about my name being festive) as long as i can remember i have always signed my name in Christmas cards the same way – i always make the O in Holly a piece of Holly – how creative is that? or sad some would say, but I love doing it and I haven’t ever written a Christmas card without it!

Even now when I don’t send as many Christmas Cards, I still get the pleasure and satisfaction of sending a card – since i don’t tend to send so many now, i also add a chocolate coin to them because hey, why not it’s Christmas!!!