Improv Diaries – Lots of arms and new members [Case Study Lee Simpson]

This week we had a rehearsal after our show last week and sort of did a recap of what worked well and what we should change for our next show. Our next show is the beginning of December and is a Christmas themed show so we want to try and incorporate the theme into as many games as we can.


We started by doing a warm up of various games we played for the previous show such as Mirrors. We then discussed games we want to bring to the December show.

We decided to play a few new games that we haven’t played before such as Helping Hands and Pan Left and they worked really well. They were fun to play and had a great potential for audiences to enjoy.

We then spent a good part of the evening getting used to new games and deciding what ones to incorporate. Half way through the evening we were joined by our brand new member – Carsten. He ended up having to come late due to being held up at work.


We introduced him to the format and played the show in its full to get him used to the concept.

After we had introduced him to the games at hand, he showed us a few that he knew and we didn’t and they were really fun to play and will def make an appearance in future shows.

This week was a great rehearsal and having a new member brings a fresh and fun route for our group especially with the fun things we have coming up in 2018!

Case Study – Lee Simpson


This week me and Caroline went to see Suki Webster’s Guest Speaker and one of the guests this month was Lee Simpson – one of the Improvisers of the Comedy Store and in that two hour show I learnt so much from him.

One of the best parts of the show was when he did a whole ten minute monologue in rhyme and that to me as someone who adores writing poetry is something that I found so phenomenal. The way he brought character and personality to the poem narrative was amazing and is something I found such an inspiration.

From seeing Lee Simpson I found a new way to approach certain short form games and I am going to start using the new inspiration I found into the games that we play from now on. I have learnt not just new ways to approach a game but also how to present myself on stage and how to use the stage to the best ability.

I hope I get to see Lee Simpson perform again as I learnt so much in such a short time.

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