Show of the Week – Lee Nelson, O2 Arena, Indigo Rooms

This weeks show of the week comes from someone who knows how to make a scene. He has thrown money at the head of The FA, he has given Trump inappropriate golf balls in Scotland and even given Teresa May her P45 and even after all this he still is performing comedy. He is so popular in fact that his autumn show tour has been extended! If you haven’t guess already, our show of the week is none other then Lee Nelson.

On Saturday he is performing at the Indigo rooms at the O2 Arena, and is going to be performing his show Serious Joker.

Tickets can be bought from the 02

Website for £20 and the show starts at 7:30pm. If you are looking for a comedian that will have a lot of stories that others won’t have to tell – then this is someone who must watch out for and go and see.

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