How Improv Changed Their Life – Caroline, Punderstandably Improv

Every week we like to talk to members of the Improv community about why they got into improv and how it changed their life. Today we speak to Caroline who is part of Punderstandably Improv who came across improv through work and it changed her life.


Midlife crisis……

I was made redundant after 28 years and felt very institutionalised!My dad had not been well and was very reliant on me for 10 years. It was a Call of duty that I did with love of course. I was also nursing a broken heart for 25 years and all of this lead to the question as to where am I going? Where will I end up and doing what?

I found that Life was too serious and I was feeling very low. I ended up getting a new job but it consisted of a lot of driving. After a while in this job I it a job more local and I felt Life beginning to change. I got a job in West London and that’s when I started to feel life change even more when the work was merged into another organisation.

One evening I saw an improvised show as a fundraiser for the charity I worked for and from seeing that first show I started to think, my mind sort of went

“hmmmmm!!!!!  I like this. It’s clever.”

A year or so later I saw a Groupon advertisement for a weekend Intro to Impro…… and I decided it sounded like an interesting idea and thought why not ? I’ll give it a try…

From the first moment I tried improvisation I Loved it! I Loved it I Loved it I LOVED IT!

Since doing improvisation i have to say I have never laughed so much in my whole life It has become an addiction. I met so many nice people on my first course I decided to do more.

I then signed up for a number of courses – some with Free Association and also Hoopla Improv.

The improv scene in London is an amazing community and just growing and growing!

Can I call myself an improviser now ?  I am Not sure but I believe I am getting there…

Nearly 3 years on …..I still love it and want to try out different approaches and practice. I love working on and creating new ideas. I love going to shows as I find them inspiring, love going to class shoes to support my friends.

I adore improv because you can have fun and laugh more and feel involved in the community.

I feel since doing improv my confidence has grown, My public speaking has improved and I have discovered more about myself. I feel a sense of freedom, development in Teamwork and My imagination has come back.

I have found creative skills I didn’t know I had. I can perform in shows and I have met more and more people, which I am honoured. My world has expanded. I have learnt stuff from others.I notice more things, attention to detail and My shyness is being overcome.

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