Improv Corner – Fun For The Family 

​Are you at home and wanting to do something that is improv based that doesn’t take too much work and is a fun to play with all the family? Then these games are going to be great for you! There are so many mini games that when you play them you realise that actually these aren’t soly for improv and could be used as a road trip game, a game to fill in the adverts space of your favourite show or maybe even boredom busters!

With Christmas just around the corner, these games which are used as warm ups could be played around the family sitting room after dinner instead of playing things like charades – they are easy to play and even children will enjoy them.

Questions – Difficulty rating – Easy

This is a  two player fast paced game. The aim of the game is  where you can only talk in sentances that are questions. If anyone says something that is not a question then they are out and someone else enters the ring to compete. In improv you would ask the audience for a location so that your questions are set in a scene – so why not do that as well as you may find it easier to come up with questions to say!

Statements – Difficulty rating – Easy

This is the same format as the game above, however, instead of talking only in questions, you are only allowed to talk in statements.

The Alphabet Game – Difficulty rating: Medium

This could be a bit confusing for children but why not give it a go! You have to have a conversation where you take it in turns to talk and each sentance has to start with the next letter of the alphabet. So for example:

Person 1: Agatha I do believe that it is your birthday today, what do you want to do to celebrate it?

Person 2: Basically Petuna, I have no idea i was thinking of buying a cat

Person 1: Cats? You know I am allergic

Person 2: Don’t be so dramatic, you sneezed once when you were around the next door tabby cat

Person 1: Everytime I am near cats I get an allergic reaction


The Storytelling – Difficulty Rating – Easy

This is a game that all the family can enjoy and children will more then likely love it. In this game the people who are playing tell a story one word at a time. It goes round the cirlce with each person saying one word – The results can be really funny and if you are playing the game with children then it will defitnitely take a fun route that improv ends up naturally taking anyway!

So there you have it! A few improv games to get you through the festive season, they are going to teach you basic improv skills but also at the same time allow you to have lots of fun with your family in the holidays.

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