FEATURE: The Perfect Dinner Party – Lady GaGa

So we now have our guests ready for the perfect dinner party and the food sorted it’s now it’s time to get the entertainment sorted. Now all the acts I have chosen are musical because you need to have some great music entertainment for a night full of dinner and great guests. There are only four and they are all there for a particular reason so let’s start with the next act that will be after Neil Patrik Harris

ACT 2: Lady GaGa

When I was thinking about musical acts the one that instantly came to mind was Lady Gaga, i have seen her live before and she is amazing. Lady GaGa is fantastic at putting on a show and will stop at nothing to put on a fantastic show for her fans also for people who may not be her fan – have a look at what she did for the halftime show – no other artist would of done something as outstanding as that.

The other thing that is great about GaGa as well is that she can do any genre – who even knew that she would do a pop, country and swing album but she did and each one of them she blew out of the park.

She would be a great musical performer because no matter if she has a full stage designed or its a location with stripped back pyrotechnics you can guarantee that this is one lady that will blow everyone away.

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