Comedy Book Corner – Classic Scrapes, James Acaster 

This is a book that I was most looking forward to reading this year. I was expecting this book to be good and I went into it with high expectations. The book was created off the back of the tales that James Acaster used to tell on the Josh Widdicombe podcast that was part of Radio X. I was a fan of the stories told on the show and went into this book worried that they would be the same and not as funny anymore – I was completely and utterly wrong.
This book is hilarious, from the first story there are tales that are so funny that it will make you try and control your laughter on public commutes etc. James Acaster is a man that finds himself fall into situations that most don’t – from the world of being cabadged by a nine year old to hiding in a bush in a dress because you missed the last train.
This book is such a delight to read with so many stories that make  You wonder how all this can happen to the same person. For people who have not heard of the award winning comic James Acaster, the easiest way to describe him is sort of like a modern day Karl Pilkington. Whilst he is completely different as a person, if you read some of these tales and wasn’t sure who they were from you could guess Pilkington quite easily.
The thing that is great about this book is that throughout Acasters personality shines through – whilst he is telling these stories you can feel the guilt of gulping very exquisite strawberries or having to say something rude that he feels uncomfortable saying and it makes the whole reading experience feel more real.
This is one of the best books released by a comedian this year as it’s so full of fun and a lot of great moments. You go into this book expecting to read about the crazy stories this comedian has experienced and you walk away with the decision that this guy really shouldn’t drive as he is just so unlucky!
One of the chapter highlights is one called Alastair – even for someone like myself who has heard it over and over again on radio the story- it is one of the funniest chapters and the way it is written makes it ten times more hilarious.
If you are looking for a book with charm, wit, humour and pure honesty, then you must give this book a read.
Readability Rating – 9.5/10

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