How Improv Changed Our Lives

How Improv Changed My Life – The Negative Side

I am an outgoing person and love meeting new people but I do wonder if sometimes improv have a negative effect on my life.

Now this is a very controversial way to look at improv but I think it’s also an important way to look at it. This blog is all about improv but you should always balance it out with the opposite effects.

So what are the negative side of doing improv comedy? Let’s have a look at these in subjects.

The Comedian Effect

I love doing improv and it’s something that makes me happy. However it can have a negative side too. Performing in front of an audience is an adrenaline rush – it’s something that once you start doing you can’t get enough of. However when you come off stage you can have the Comedian effect – where you start to feel the coming down after being so “high” on adrenaline.

It’s so fun being on stage and being laughed at can mean then when you walk away from a show where people have praised you with laughter you can feel a sense of loneliness and slightly down when you come off stage.

If you look at all comedians they tend to mention that they get this when they play big arenas and a lot of comedians suffer from depression. Now, i don’t suffer from depression at all but I do get the comedian effect when I come off stage. The coming down from after a comedy gig can be something that makes you feel a bit sad the next day because you have had such an adrenaline rush.

The addiction. 

I always say that improv is like a drug once you a taste of it you can’t get enough. I don’t do drugs but obviously going off a saying that everyone says.

Improv is so much fun that when you don’t do it, you feel like you are coming off of an addiction and you miss it so much that you are desperate to do it again. When I did imrov in Newcastle there was always a few weeks break and it used to drive me insane – I see the same happening to a few people up north still – when you can’t do it, it’s like something missing.

I personally don’t find many negative effects with improv and find that it has done nothing but good to me as a person, however like i said above, you always need to show a non bias approach so people get a full reflection of something.

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