Funny at the Fringe – Kieran Boyd, Sitzpinkler

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Welcome  to this years dose of all things Edinburgh Fringe! Last year we delved into the world of all genres of comedy performing at Fringe however this year we are going to take it back to basics. This year we are going to take a look at some of the best stand up shows happening at the Edinburgh Fringe and what ones you should spend your good money on to get a loads of laughter in your time there. Today we look at a comedian that is pat of the sketch comedy group Wittank – Kieran Boyd 

Location: Just the Tonic at The Mash House ( Venue 288)

Date:  Aug 3-13, 15-27

Time: 14:20

Price:  £5.00

About:  Kieran has been a regular are the Edinburgh Fringe for many years – both doing solo shows and performances with his sketch comedy group Wittank. Last year he brought his show Egg to the Fringe and this year he brings his brand new show, Sitzpinkler. A show about fear silly words and wee. A show that is bound to make you laugh at giggle at some of the tales that he comes up with.

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