The Travel Book – London Zoo, Regents Park, London

With the end of the school term amongst us and the 6 weeks of children with freedom arrives, many places, especially in London, start to produce lots of events and activities to entertain all the family throughout the end of July and August. One of the best places for family fun in London is none other then the infamous London Zoo in Regents Park.

London Zoo opened in 1828 and to this day is one of the Worlds oldest Scientific zoos. Even to this day they do a lots for conservation of animals as well as a lot of research into zoology and the natural world.


The zoo is home to over 600 animals, and for the summer they even have an exhibition around the park that means you will also meet some of your favourite dinosaurs from the past as well! The zoo holds many events and tours that you can pay and sign up to. For example – There is a tour to discover the history of the zoo, right from the conservation of animals to some of its incredibly famous architecture (the old Penguin enclosure is now a grade I listed structure!).


It also holds a variety of events for lots of family fun – this summer there will not just be dinosaurs but there is also events held to have a summer sleepover aimed more at children, and then there are conservation events for adults such as Streak for the Tigers which is to highlight protection for the creatures and is a fun run around the park in August. If you are looking for something a bit more expensive and more interactive then why not have a look at their experiences which include – photography courses, being a zookeeper for the day and even staying in the zoo over night!

If you are heading to London anytime soon, then this is a tourist attraction that you must visit – its fun, very big and a great day out for all the family.





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