Forgotten Pop! – This Week – The Superman Lovers

img_5082There was one song that was played everywhere in the summer of 2001 and it was all thanks to a French Composer and Electronic Music Producer – Guillaume Atlan and that song was Starlight and it was created by The Superman Lovers.

The song was part of a project that was a tribute to the Johnny Guitar Watson track – Superman Lover. The song was a collaboration piece with Mani Hoffman and the song was co-written and sung with Atlan with backing vocals, Onili.

The song was such a success that it lead to an album deal called The Player that was recoded on a BMG label in 2001. The single was so successful it reached number 2 in both the UK and France with a lot of other success in countries including Belgium, Australia, Germany and Spain.

Whilst Superman Lovers may of faded in and out, Guillaume Atlan has gone on to be a succesful music producer. So today lets have a look at the song what became a hit today.


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