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The Travel Book – Baths of Antoninus, Carthage, Tunisia 

If you are looking to visit a place where you feel like you will jump back in time, then Carthage is a place that you must visit, on the Eastern side of the Lake Tunis, Tunisia.There are many areas to visit in this area of Tunisia that will make the history come alive, but one of the prettiest and striking is the Baths of Antoninus.

This tourist attraction is a one of the biggest Roman Thermae built by the Roman Empire and is also the only remaininf one of Carthage that dates back as far as this era. The site is one of the most important landmarks in Tunisian Tourism and attracts thousands of people every year.

The Baths are on the list of UNESCO World Heritage sites and its not hard to see why when you visit the site. It is full of some amazing structures that really are fascinating to walkthrough. From the site you get to see some fascinating sites of the sea and the Atlas Mountains in the distance.

When you enter the grounds there is also a garden to look around as well near the entrance which is full of local plants and palm trees. It is advised that you go on a planned tour to the site so you get a full and in depth tour of the location with all the information and history you need.

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