Happy Birthday to Us! Today We Turn 2!

Who would of thought it!  Nearly a 1000 articles (yes that is correct!) we have made it to year two! Wow, what a year it has been and what a lot has been written about!


In the past year we have welcomed in features to a high success such as Forgotten Pop! (Which Turned one year old yesterday and still going strong!), The Travel Book (which is one of our most popular features), Question Roulette and Comedy Clicks!

The comedy side of this blog is also going well and has had a lot of interesting features as well as interviews in the past year. In August last year we went to the Edinburgh Fringe Festival and posted live reviews from the scene, we have interviewed some of the biggest Improv Comedy acts in London such as Steve from Hoopla, Talking Dog and ABOB. We have welcomed on board guest writers such as the London Improv Podcast and also had the fantastic Senseii Jarvis along for the ride as well!

So just in now, what I will be calling ‘True Phoenix Remix Tradition” here is a run down of 10 of our favourite articles from the past year!

1.) Improv Diaries – Special Edition – My Last Rat Race – (Case Study Chris Pine)

Screen Shot 2017-06-08 at 21.23.55.png

Date Posted: 26th July 2016

Link To Blog Post:

Reason for blog post: This was the last show that I did in Newcastle before moving back to London. This was a big move in the improv scene up North because they had changed to a much bigger venue, to the Newcastle City Hall which has seen many of bands and huge comedy acts play there and even though we were in the room downstairs it still felt huge. It was also a complete change in the game format as well for The Rat Race so was a big movement for both reasons.

2.) REVIEW – James Acaster, Reset, Customs House, South Shields

Screen Shot 2016-08-01 at 22.44.51

Date Posted: 2nd August 2016

Link To Blog Post:

Reason for blog post: There is one thing I enjoy a lot about comedy, and that is seeing it live. As fellow readers of this blog will know, we post a lot about james and what better way then to see if you want to watch him live then by reading a review of his stand up. Especially since he is still touring this show!

3.) Edinburgh Fringe Live – Shhhhhh! An Improvised Silent Movie


Date Posted: 6th August 2016

Link To Blog Post:

Reason for blog post: This year we went to the Edinburgh Fringe Festival for a day and posted live reviews of each of the shows that we went to. It was a really fun thing to do and whilst we may not be at the Fringe this year we will be looking to going to a comedy festival still to do the same! This was one of my favourites to watch and also to write about as it was so creative and like nothing I had ever seen before in the Improvisation world and really opened my eyes to the live you could go with it.

4.) Carleen Macdermid And Keith Malda – Improv London Podcast


Date Posted: 29th September 2016

Link To Blog Post:

Reason for blog post: For a good part of the second half of 2016, Sturat Moses of Improv London was writing frequent blog posts for us all about the Improv network and the great leaders of the London Improv scene that he was interviewing for his Podcast. Sadly Stuart doesn’t write for us anymore due to being crazy busy with all the work that he does in and away from the Improv scene but do check out the articles and the podcasts as they are still going strong!

5.) The Month Of The Geek – Part 1 


Date Posted: 8th October 2016

Link To Blog Post:

Reason for blog post: They may not be every month, but when Jarvis Senseii DOES write for The Phoenix Remix She comes back with a corker of an article and October was no different! It was the month of the Geek So Sadie went all out to write some great articles for us just like the one in this link! Expect some more great articles from Sadie in the near future.

6.) Podcast Month – INTERVIEW – Steve Roe, Hoopla 



Date Posted: 31st October 2016

Link To Blog Post:

Reason for blog post: October was not just geek month but also a special month all dedicated to the world of Comedy Podcasts and what better way to end the month then with a special interview with one of the Kings of the London Improv scene – Steve Roe. In this interview we talk all thinks Podcasts and creating them for Improvisation.

7.) Question Roulette – 642 Questions to Go and We go Out of this world! 



Date Posted: 3rd January 2017

Link To Blog Post:

Reason for blog post: Out of all the articles I write, this one I am finding a personal achievement. I have had this book since 2013 and never really written in it and have made it my news years resolution since then to finish it and like all things that are resolutions never followed through or even wrote in it. So I decided to get to the end I am going to make it a blog post and then it will push me to write them even the hard questions. You know it is working! This was started 5 months ago and now we are up to just over 100! I feel like i am slowly completing a task and its crazy to think how much i have written and how much there is still to go! See, all you need is a blog to push you!

8.) The Travel Book – Blejski Grad (Bled Castle), Slovenia



Date Posted: 16th February 2017

Link To Blog Post:

Reason for blog post: One of our features that is proving to be a really huge hit is The Travel Books. I adore travelling and love exploring new areas and sometimes its great to get someone’s opinion of the areas. This blog set out to be a comedy blog and I wrote about travel as a feature and it became really popular that I thought I have to make travel a permanent fixture on the blog, so Travel Thursdays stuck and are still going strong!

9.) Comedians Through Time – Harry Weldon

Screen Shot 2017-06-08 at 17.32.00


Date Posted: 22 September 2016

Link To Blog Post:

Reason for blog post: Back in September we started a short lived feature about Comedians Through Time. At the time I was reading the autobiography by Charles Chaplin and had never heard of all these leaders of the comedy industry so I decided to write a few articles all about them.

10.) Remake Season – FEATURE: The Music Video


Date Posted: 15th November 2016

Link To Blog Post:

Reason for blog post: In November, we did a themed set of blogs all around the world of the remake. We looked at remake sitcoms that have been successful or failed, films that have been remade into television shows and also, like this feature states the remake of the music video.

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