BREAKING COMEDY NEWS: C3Something join forces with The Phoenix Remix

Screen Shot 2017-06-22 at 22.37.24So our first big announcement of the day is something very exciting to reveal – we have teamed up with Carleen, Shem, Keith and all the others at C3Something and they are coming on board as regular writers! Yes you heard that correctly!

From our site already, you will notice that we write a lot about the comedy scene, especially the Improv network and now we are going to expand that area even more by having not only the guys on board but also a brand new sparkly page all about improv! but more about that later on today!

The guys at C3Somthing don’t just train improvisers in the UK and the USA, they also host a number of shows too and they are here to tell you about those shows and all the other great things that are going on. They bring some fantastic teachers over from the United States of America to teach Improvisers as well so they will be posting all the information you need to find out where and how you can get onto the fantastic courses.

We here at The Phoenix Remix are very excited and feeling very privileged to having them come on board the comedy blog train and we asked Shem for a statement as to how they feel about the collaboration and this is what he had to say and i promise you its not me!:

“Holly’s great! Super smart and makes dope moves. Big fan. She asked for a mini quote about us coming on board but we thought it would be more fun to point out how cool Holly is. We hope she prints this in big letters.” – Shem Pennant, C3?


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