Comedy Book Corner – The Girl With The Lower Back Tattoo, Amy Schumer

Screen Shot 2017-06-06 at 20.32.33If there is one female comedian that is always in the limelight at the moment then it is Amy Schumer. Whether you are or are not a fan of her comedy, this shouldn’t matter, because her book The Girl With The Lower Back Tattoo Is not what you would imagine and you will walk away thinking twice about your thoughts about her and if you don’t like her you may end up walking away with a real admiration and respect for her.

Whilst the book opens up with her classic humour with a chapter titled An Open Letter to My Vagina don’t think that the whole of the book is going to be this joyous ride of her edgy humour that she does on stage. If there is one thing that this book does is it goes into some really dark stories that are very true and events that have happened in Amys life. Everything from going into depth about being sexually assaulted by a boyfriend to having a father who has MS. It is a real eye opener and very brave for someone to go that in depth about things that have been very serious situations in her life. Whilst some of the stories (especially about her abusive ex boyfriend) are shocking and hard to read, it also educates the reader about situations that they may not be that aware of what happens.

Another are of the book that is really worth reading is the chapter called Marci and Jillian. Back when her film Trainwreck was released there was the devastating news that two women were shot in the cinema at a viewing of the film. When you read the book its apparent that even to this day, this scene of events really stays with Amy and this is evident with the work she is doing to stop gun violence. Its another chapter that is serious yet very interesting to read.

This book isn’t all serious though, oh no, throughout the book in all Amy Schemer style, there is chapters that have a much light hearted angle and tell crazy stories about the one night stand she has had, performing on stage, her childhood diaries and much more. Amy is not like most people and reserves parts of a story, instead she goes at it in full force and goes really in depth. It has some really funny moments and also some areas where you feel like its an ahhh or even ewww moment.

This is a great book if you want to read a comedians book that is interesting. Its not an autobiography as such, instead its a book about different areas of her life and I suppose what makes her the way that she is today. It has some great quotes in it that are empowering towards women, but also it has some great lines about men and is empowering to them as well. This book I would say its not for the younger reader but is for a reader who wants a book that creates humour but also looks in depth at serious situations and gives really in-depth accounts while putting her emotion and feelings into it.

Readability Rating – 8/10


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