The Dear Diaries…snow day, a lot of stories about bins, pen fights and BFP 

The other day I came across my teenage diaries. When I was 12/13 it was around the time Bridget Jones Diary was released and I became addicted to the idea of writing a diary so that’s what I did everyday!
I remember the feeling I had when I had a great day and would come home and write what happened and all the gossip that was happening! At the time it meant a lot to have this all written down and it’s funny, even after all these years I still have the same feelings when I read certain stories and cringe a lot a others as well.
I loved school and everything o wrote down still brings back great and even cringeworthy memories!
In this feature I will be writing some of my entries – there will be some I won’t due to embarrassments to me or to others, but there will be a lot that will be written! I mean hey, 5 years of diary entries that’s a lot!!!

Last time, we finished with lots of random school events like a nosey teacher and — best friend finding out I liked him.
All names will be changed and some will be named using a symbol system I made back in the day.. anyway you will get the jist. To stop the story getting confused — best friend will now go under the name of BFP.


We all got sent home today because of the amount of snow! Waiting at bus stop then me, BFP, Pat, Shell all decided to walk down the hill. At the end of the line was April, BFPs cousin and –! They joined us! We walked and walked! Then before the top of the hill Shell went off with Becky and Lex whilst the rest of us walked on! 

We walked on and on until it was only me, BFP, Pat and –! — was trying to find out what way I walk home and pat kept egging me on to make sure we went the same way only the two of us. BFPS cousin when we were alone went “ohhh your the mystery girl BFP told me about.”


Andy put Shells bag in the bin so we all cornered him and started hitting him. 


Cooked tagalatelle today – weird! Found out for GCSE options that I have chosen 3 lessons the same as Pat and 3 lessons the same as BFP


Next Friday we are painting boys nails and colouring their hair – 20 boys so far! 


Me and BFP had a pen fight today and mucked around a lot in class- was good fun! 


History today was the best! Me, Shell, Robert and Zac were having a glue, rubber throwing fight! When Miss told the whole class off for being too noisy, me, shell,Robert and zac were in fits of giggles. 


Lee got put in the bin! In drama — whispered could you point me there and down there for the Titanic play we were doing. Get to work with Taylor, Carter and him In a group. We get killed and I hit them over the head with a book then stab them! 


More Tomorrow night…

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