The Games That Time Forgot – Bust A Groove, Playstation 1

​There was a game that at the beginnig of the computer dance craze and whilst it may not of been the one that lead it, they definately had a market and even became an arcade game…in Japan. A lot of people will remember this game as being on the demo disc for Playstation 1. Yes today we look at the game Bust a Groove.

Bust A Groove was published and created by Japanese Developers Enix for Sony Playstation 1 and was released in 1998. The game was a mix of two genres – dance and figting, the aim of the game was to beat your competitor by busting some epic moves and gaining special dance moves that would knock the other player metaphorically ‘off their feet’.

The object of the game was to tap the arrow keys in the time to the beat to knock down your contestant. When a player completed more then eight dance moves in a row, the game would become more complex and the player can earn more points. You could play as many players including Frida, Heat and Shorty. Each of the characters had their own music which they would dance to.

There was a second game released however, just like the arcade version, it was only released in the USA.

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