The Games That Time Forgot – Dark Cloud, PlayStation 2

When I was researching this feature, I came across a name of a game that I completely had forgotten about and if I remember rightly I quite liked it. I didn’t play a lot of role playing games when I had a PS2 as a kid but only rented this out from Blockbuster at the time because I had pretty much rented out most of the games already that weren’t war or football related.

Dark Cloud was released in 2000/2001 and was a role playing action game mixed in with elements of the City Building type games. It was developed by Level 5 and published by Sony Computer Entertainment solely for the PlayStation 2. 

As Wikipedia states the game is:

the story of a group of adventurers who band together to fight against the evil Dark Genie, who has attacked and destroyed many homes and villages. The protagonist is Toan, a boy who is given a magical stone called the “Atlamillia” by Simba, the Fairy King, which has the power to rebuild the destroyed lands.

The game was easy to play and had a good story that made you want to play it more and rebuild the cities. A main part of the game was going into dungeons and fighting monsters with weapons that you had.

The game when I was released received quite positive reviews with a lot of people comparing it to Zelda.

One thought on “The Games That Time Forgot – Dark Cloud, PlayStation 2

  1. Robert Ian Shepard says:

    I never picked this one up (I never owned a Sony console til PS3) but I’ve definitely heard good things about it. Level 5 does pretty good work on their games.


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