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Forgotten Pop! – This week: Technohead 

This week we look at a group that had reasonable success in the UK and were known by a number of different names such as Greater Than One (which was their predominent name), Tricky Disco, GTO, John + Julie, Church of Extracy, Signs of Chaoos and Salami Brothers. Today we will be looking at the music that they released under the name of Technohead.

The genre of the group consisted of Industrial, House, Techno, hardcore and trance. The english group were founded by husband and wife Michael Wells and Lee Newman. Sadly Newman died of cancer in 1995 however Wells continued to release music under the names The Man and S.O.L.O and the other groups above.

The biggest single and hit that they had under this name was called i Wanna Be A Hippy and was released on the album Headsex. The song had a very interesting video that ran alongside it of three youths with shved heads chasing a hippy on a bicycle around Amsterdam. The song reached number in many different countries including Germany, Netherlands, Belgium and Switzerland. It peaked at number 6 in the UK.

Other singles that the group had included Happy Birthday and Banana-na-na. So lets have a look at their dance style music this afternoon.

I wanna be a Hippy

Happy Birthday


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