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The Travel Book – Le Musee Olympique, Lausanne, Switzerland

If you ever happen to find yourself in the West side of Switzerland then there is one museum you must visit whether you have an interest in sport or not. We came across this museum by accident and its one of the best accidents that I have ever come across. I am not a sport fan, unless you count ice hockey, however this hsa to be one of the best museums that I have ever visited.

Based at the bottom of the hill near the water, Le Musee Olympique is a museum in Lausanne that celebrates all of the olympics that have ever happened and is the home to a lot of the artefacts that makes the games unique and really the proud sportng event that it is. The museum may seem pricey on the entrance ( 18CHF for adults and 10CHF for children) but when you step inside and walk through the exhibitions and the interactive exhibitions this seems a fair and reasonble amount as to how big the museum actually is.

Before you even enter the doors of the building you are welcomed with an array of statues and areas in which you can participate in sports such as runninng so that it is all keeping in theme as to what the museum is all about. The stairs on the walk up to museum are engraved with the winners of the olympics since they began.

The building has in total techincally four floors that explore different areas of the sporting event looking at the origins of the olympic games, how they became a global event, technical innovations, stories of great champions, how atheletes prepare for different sports, their training methods and so much more.

This really is a museum that is for someone who wants to see something different and so creative and walk away with a new love for the Olympic Games.

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