Forgotten Pop

Forgotten Pop! – This Week -The Vengaboys 

To celebrate the return of Steps we are going to look at a group that are supporting them throughout their tour at the end of the year – the group that brought you catchy dance songs and great dance routines – yes this week we are looking at the Danish Group – The Vengaboys.

The group formed in 1996 and they were famously known for their dance pop, eurodance and bubblegum dance pop genre. The name of the group was created when they were in a recording session for another project that the music producers Danski and Delmudo were working on.

The first single to be released in the United Kingdom was Up and Down and it reached number 4 in the music charts and was followed by the classic pop tune We Like to Party (The Vengabus). Their second album was the one that really hit the big time in the UK as The Party Album went straight to number 1. The album has a number of hits from it including Boom Boom Boom Boom and We’re Going to Ibiza.

Since the nineties the group has had a variety of line up changes but stayed together strong until 2001 when the group announced they were going on Hiatus for several years. Since then the Vengaboys have reunited and created new musc and performing all over and have even toured all over the world.

So to celebrate the music of The Vengaboys, lets have a look at some of their music.

Boom Boom Boom Boom 

We’re Going To Ibiza

We Like to Party (The Vengabus)

Shalala lala

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