Valentine Day Comedy Short Films you have to watch 

If you are looking for something different to do this evening with your loved one, then why not get in the mood for your loving meal out or your night of adventure for two by watching the Sky Valentine Comedy theme shorts that are on offer.

This month sees comics and sketch groups such as The Midnight Beast, Liam Williams, Paul G Raymond and Colin Hoult on the doorstep to give you a glance to an array of different Valentine Day and love themed situations.

Here is a brief look at just three of the seven short films that are on offer:

1 – The Midnight Beast’s Valentine

The comedy trio, Stefan, Ashley and Dru appear in this new and interesting version of the old classic rom com musical Grease. The group provide a new and unique insight into the story with a modern day twist. The story follows what happens the day after Valentines Day at a High School. Little miss Goody-Two Shoes has a surprise in store for bad boy Danny but what will it be?

2 – Rosie Cavaliero’s and Paul Tomkinson’s Valentine

If you are looking for a comedy short that is more based on real life then this may be the one for you as it is a completely different style to the one listed above. This short sees the highs and lows of a middle aged couple who are trying to rekindle their marriage in a variey of different ways on a mini weekend away from it all.

3 – Desiree Burch’s Valentine

This last one on the list of our chosen three is for all the singletons out there who may enjoy this interesting take on the wonders of Valentines Day. Desiree Burch’s Valentine follows the story of a single woman who teams up with her single gay best frined to have the Best Valentines Day ever by celebrating it together. This quiky talke sees the couple trying to milk as many places as possible as they pretend to of just got engaged

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