The Travel Book – Gasthoff Schonegg, Interlaken, Switzerland

If you are heading to Switzerland in the future and you are looking for somewhere to stay for a couple of nights to give you the real experience of staying in a lodge in the most picturesque of places, then the Gasthof Schoenegg, is a guest house that you should consider looking into.

The guest house is based in the centre of one of the most beautiful areas of Switzerland, Interlaken and is up a hill which is a short bus ride away from the city. The busses can be pretty busy in certain seasons and also can be a bit of a wait but they are pretty easy to cant and jump on. You can walk to the guest house but if you are unfamiliar with the area, then the first time you walk it you could find yourself walking up a really steep hill and walking quite far. To the side of the guest house there is a side road that if you walk down and over the field, it leads to the city centre, but it is quite a walk and if you are not a fan of hills then that may not be the solution for you.

The owner of the guest house is very welcoming to her guests and as well as there being a sitting area on site where you can buy drinks, there is also an area with a microwave where the guests can warm up their own food.

The rooms are very quaint and with their wood panelled walls and dainty little curtains it does feel like you are inside a cookoo clock looking out to the big wide world of beauty. You have to share a toilet and shower with three other rooms, so if you prefer an en suite then this place may not be for you. Also, the stairs up to the top floor are very small, high and awkward angled so if you have suitcases it’s very difficult to get them up to the top.

The guesthouse is a great location if you are looking to explore Interlaken and to go walking in the spring or feel like you are in a winter wonderland/ snow globe in the winter, with it’s fantastic mountain views from the windows it does take your breath away to be able to witness such beauty. However, If you don’t like walking steep hills, have issues with steep stairs and sharing toilets and bathrooms then this won’t be the place for you, if so, maybe just for the one night.

Based on a stay at the guest house in December 2014

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