Bands to watch in 2017 – The Pink Spiders

This band is a group that has been Rocking the American music world for years but are still quite unheard of in the UK but are returning with their first album in a whopping 9 years. The band is called The Pink Spiders and if you haven’t heard of them then lets catch you up to speed now.


The group formed in Nashville Tennessee in 2003 and consists of Matt Friction, Jon Decious and Bob Ferrari. Their major label debut album was called Teenage Graffiti and included catchy little numbers  such as Little Razorblades and Modern Swinger.

The relationship between the band and the label Geffen Records faltered whilst making the album Sweat It out and disputes over money made Decious and Friction leave the band, The group went on hiatus form 2009.

The group got back together in 2010 and performed a gig and officially announced their return to the music scene.

There is no official date for the new album release as of yet but it is set to be released in Spring of 2017. The album is to be called Mutations and is set to be the best set of Rock N Roll anthems from the band as of yet. So even if you haven’t heard of them, its a great year to jump on board the Pink Spiders train.

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