Comedy Clicks – The Vicar of Dibley

Each week, we will be taking an in depth look at some of the best sitcoms and comedy shows from both the UK and the USA.
Today we will be looking at a show that took the church into a comedy and created a lovable woman vicar  – The Vicar of Dibley


Opening Titles / Theme Tune

Howard Goodall originally wrote the theme, a setting of Psalm 23, as a serious piece of choral music.

About the Show
Summary of Plot 
A boisterous female minister comes to serve in an eccentricly conservative small town’s church.- IMDb 
Number of Seasons / Episodes 
5 Seasons
Dawn French  – Geraldine Granger

James Fleet – Hugo Horton

Trevor Peacock – Jim Trott

Gary Waldhorn – David Horton

Roger Lloyd Pack – Owen Newitt

Emma Chambers – Alice Tinker

John Bluthal – Frank Pickle


+Dawn French initially requested to play Alice Tinker, because she felt the vicar wouldn’t be funny enough and that she understood Alice’s humor. She later requested that the Vicar have some sort of faults – hence her being a bit lonely, a bit vain, and having a massive chocolate obsession.

+ Dawn French received hate mail from male vicars when they first aired the program; she said that some were hurtful, but she joked that they used some of the phrases as a source of dialog in the program.

+ James Fleet was always in mind for the role of Hugo Horton.

+ Liz Smith only found out about her character being killed off when she received a phone call from a junior member of the production team when the scripts were being sent out. She was very upset and disappointed at being written out and that neither Dawn French or Richard Curtis bothered to break the news to her personally .

+ Hugo Horton and Frank Pickle are the only main male characters not to have proposed to Geraldine throughout the show’s run.

Classic Clips 

The Greatest Story Ever Told

Wrong Church

Inflatable Boy Joke

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