Question Roulette

Question Roulette – 642 Questions to Go and we go out of this world!

img_2452Hello and welcome to a new feature that is brand spanking new to The Phoenix this year! Three years ago i bought a book in Tampa which is meant to be a great for creative like minds and for the past three years I have made it my New Years Resolution to complete it. The book is called 642 Things To Write About by The San Francisco Writers Grotto.

I have written some of the answers but not a lot of them because being a creative mind, it wonders and forgets to go back so i thought WHY not make it into a feature so you the reader can get to know me a bit more every times and also to maybe have a laugh of have a nice little read on a Tuesday Lunch Time.

I have no idea where each article will take us each week as all the questions are completely random but I am sure it will hopefully be fun and very random to read. So I am going to answer each of the questions in the style of improv techniques – ‘yes and’ ‘go with your first answer that pops into your mind’ So without further ado, lets start with this weeks Question Roulette.

1 – What can happen in a second

Anything can happen in a second, a life changing decision, a traumatic event and an exciting activity. A second can be something that makes extraordinary things happen living everyday to the full, something we all must do to make every second count.

2 – The worst Christmas Day Dish You have ever had

I haven’t had many but in Boston in 2010 we had a Christmas meal in a hotel. The starter was great, a buffet of fish, salad, quiches ,shrimp etc. The main course however was a tiny bit of a disaster – it was salty, the stuffing was completely different to the UK and it really didn’t taste nice.

3 – A houseplant is dying – Tell it why it needs to live

You need to live because you are pretty and you light up the room more then any other house plant can. Let me feed you with water to nourish you and talk you round to come back to life. Lets put you in more sunlight to make you happy!

4 – Write Facebook Status Updates for the year 2030

‘robots are now starting to take over the world, cool I suppose’, ‘wow so virtual reality was a big deal’ ‘got myself a hover board whoop whoop!”

5 – You are an astronaut, Describe your perfect day

I wake up in a slow haze trying to work out why I am upside down and there is nothing underneath my head I have a quick panic and then suddenly realise I am in a space shuttle, floating about in space looking down on the rest of the world. A feeling no-one ever gets used to I just remember that today is a special one – we are going to land on the moon! The morning is spent using the controls to land the machine slowly onto the hard, rocky surface of the moon. The engines go off – a sign that we have landed!

The doors to the shuttle slowly open and make a big bang on the rubble. The other astronaut who has been to the moon before goes out first with heavy camera equipment attached to the moon buggy.

Now it’s my turn – i find it difficult to walk down the ramp, the gravity makes it such an unusual feeling of heaviness. Once I land I look around – lost for words the Earth looks so far away, the distant stars and planets around me, I start to feel so small in this universe and completely overwhelmed and happy. I focus back on the project at hand and get into a moon buggy. Our day today consisted of driving to different areas and taking photos for the next issue of National Geographic and also for more scientific observations of the moon.




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