The 30 Best Songs of 2016 pt 2

Today we are looking at some of the best songs of 2016, we already looked at the first ten so lets continue with the next batch of ten!


11 Hair – Little Mix feat Sean Paul, April

One of the catchiest singles of Spring that was all about getting that man out of your hair. It did really well in the charts and had a catchy chorus and video to go with it as well.

12 Send Them Off – Bastille, September

If there is one band that knows how to make a catchy song then it is the band Bastille and this was one of their best songs of 2016 with a really interesting music video to run alongside it.

13 The One Moment – Ok Go, November

If there is one band that know how to make creative and innovative music videos then it is OKGo. Every video that they create goes viral as they are so interesting and unlike anything else that has ever been seen and this was like none other. It was filmed in 4 seconds then slowed down to make a 4  minute video.

14 Million Reasons, Lady GaGa, November

This highly anticipated album by the award winning Lady GaGa was released this year and did fail to exceed expectations. Unlike her other albums it was country music themed and really highlights the strength of her voice. This is one of the most powerful ballads from the album.

15 Bored To Death, Blink-182, June

This year the new Blink was welcomed to the world and with Matt Skiba replacing the original founder Tom Delonge. The band welcomed the new comer to the band by reeling this catchy tune out. The new album has done well with the new line up and has been nominated for an award.

16 Dark Necessities – Red Hot Chili Peppers, June

This year also saw the return of the huge American Rock group Red Hot Chili Peppers and this song was one of the first singles off the new album and had some really catchy baselines. The band toured at the end of the year with a light display that was written about so highly in many music magazines.

17 Mad At You – 3oh!3, March 

This year saw the return of the electronica / rock band 3oh!3 with their brand new album Night Sports. The music was very different to many of the other songs that they have released prior to this but some of them were catchy and brought the 3oh!3 vibe.

18 Cry – Sigma feat Take That, May 

One of the catchiest songs of this Spring was released by the Dance group that released the really catchy Paloma Faith song a year before. Cry was a dance tune with Take That taking the lead vocals and boy was it catchy.

19 Life Itself – Glass Animals, June

Another song that was really catchy this year and played a lot on the radio was the single called Life Itself by Glass Animals. It had a catchy drum beat and a chorus that was very addictive.

20 Dance Off – Macklemore & Ryan Lewis feat Idris Elba, May

What do you do when you already have some of the catchiest songs out there and want to get more attention and create an even catchier song? Add one of the biggest UK actors and make then feature and create one of the catchiest songs of the year with a great bridge.

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