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A Little Thing Called Travel – All Things Food!

If there is one thing that is one of my favourite things about going abroad, it is the food. There is nothing better then trying the local cuisine, eating in great restaurants and seeing the differences in food.

For example, we were in Madeira for the Christmas of 2015 and their meat counter at the supermarkets was fascinating to people watch at. In the U.K. Everything is pre cut and you usually get the odd thing cut if you want the size changing. However, in Madeira everything is done on the spot, if you order mince for example, they will pick the steak out and mince it to order.

It is great to see but at the same time makes the queues so, so long. The families in Madeira at Christmas order in huge bulk because they have a huge family unit so they order huge amounts of meat. Stew is a big thing so they order huge bags off the counter where the butcher has to cut all the meat in chunks to order. It is really a fascinating experience as it’s so different to the UK.

screen-shot-2016-11-23-at-9-48-17-amOne thing I love about visiting somewhere like America is because they have the most unusual snacks. When I lived there in 2010, I loved going to the local Walgreens and trying the different sweets, crisp and snacks to see what they had to offer. The best thing I found was in 2004 in the NBC Rockafella shop and that was edible bubbles. They were such a fun thing to do at lunch time at school as we all used to run around trying to pop them with our mouths. The best flavour was the apple sour.

There are some countries that I could just stay there and have a food holiday and just spend the whole time eating. I love the food of Italy and I was only there for a couple of days but loved the pasta, the ham, the olives, the pizza, the ice cream, basically everything! Another place where the food is amazing is france. I went there recently and was in my element with the way they cook meat, the cheese, the bread, the patisserie etc!!

Another thing that travel can do is alter your food palette. Before we went to the Caribbean, I didn’t like spicy food very much. I could eat food that was spicy but not that hot.

When we were in St Maarten we had a chicken roti wrap that was hotter then anything I had ever eaten before but it was so full of flavour and was beautiful to taste .

The final thing that I love that a lot of people don’t like is plane food. I quite like it on long haul flights and always like the little surprise when you get a nice plate of food and snacks 

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