The Phoenix Remix’s Comedian of the year – Elis James 

This year there has been one comedian that has gone from strength to strength and is becoming more and more popular and rightly so. He is becoming a household name on the BBC for his love of sport, his part on Josh and his appearances on Panel shows and programmes galore as well as constantly presenting a radio show with his part in crime John Robins on Radio X and still going strong.  He is the nations welsh comedic sweetheart and our Comedian of the year, Elis James.

The funny man started his comedic career in 2005 and transitioned to full time comedy work in 2008. He supported Rhod Gilbert on his UK National Tour in 2010. This year has seen Elis attached to many different mini shows for the BBC Including Elis in Euroland where he would provide weekly takes on Wale’s performance in the Euro.

The 35 year old has also had a fantastic year in his personal life as well as his girlfriend, fellow comedian, Isie Suttie proposed to him at her book tour. He has been touring the last part of the year with one of his best mates, John Robins with the John and Elis experience giving listeners that are a fan of their Radio X show the chance to see their banter live. They have got so popular they now have a website that sells merchandise such as mugs and teeshirts with their sayings on.

Next year is going to be a big year for Mr James, He is going on tour at the beginning of February with his new solo tour Do You Remember the First Time? Which is touring all over the UK as well as returning to filming Josh for a third series that has recently been re-comissioned. We will have to see what the rest of 2017 holds for the comedian but its easy to predict that its going to get even bigger and better for this Welsh bundle of joy.

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