A Little Thing Called

A Little Thing Called Travel – The Bucket List

As you have probably been made aware by the topic over the past month or so, I love travelling and adore seeing the world and like every great traveller, there are so many places I still want to see or things I still want to do.

Yes, I have a bucket list and yes it is the way I am going to end the segment and the feature A Little Thing Called. I started the ongoing feature with no idea where it would go and here we are a year and a half later still talking about random parts of me to do with random subjects.

So to say farewell to A Litlt Thing, a goodbye to 2016 and a welcome to all things to come in 2017 let’s have a look at places I would love to see in the future.



This is one of those places that i want to go as soon as possible, one of my friends used to work on the cruise ships there and so have seen a lot of photographs of this place and it is beautiful. Also as you are probably well aware by now, I love love Love Whales and want to see them as many times as i can and this is THE place to go!



I like visiting islands and seeing what they are about and because this is one of those places that is always so highly advertised in films etc i want to see what all the fuss is about. One of the islands has green sand so i am desperate to see that and i bet it has killer sunsets too.




This is the top of the bucket list, this is the dream. This place i am highly fascinated by and have read so many books about it including Bear Grylls, Randolph Fiennes and ones by scientists. It really is a place of beauty and i think if i saw it i would cry, no joke i honestly think i would.



Another place i really want to visit soon, so much about Canada attracts me, the whale watching, the bears to see them, my favourite band is from there and I love ice Hockey!!!! Hmm, maybe i shouldn’t just visit maybe i should consider moving there in the future!

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