This week I had my final show that runs alongside the advanced improv courses that I have been doing for the past eight weeks. The show took place at the same place that I have been doing the training however it had been converted into stage space with lightning and seating.

The show combined two groups together, the beginners and the advanced group, the beginners went first and then we were to follow in the second half. The games that we were meant to play in the show was the story game,the emotions one where you rotate into each others characters, movie genre, the typewriter story game and the game where we make up games.

I felt that this wasn’t one of my favourite shows to perform in for many reasons. The first thing I want to to stress its nothing to do with the people i train with – these people that i performed with are great improvisers and fun to play with but its the actual show i had issues with.

The first thing that really irritated me was that the first group had over an hour of stage time and all their games ran longer then they should have and then when it came to our group we only had 40 odd minutes which really annoyed me as it was meant to be split 50/50 and it wasn’t and that wasn’t fair. I felt that our games were very rushed and that there was no time allowed for us to build anything up we were rushed and forced to hurry up which i did not enjoy.

Also from this being the case i didnt feel in the zone, i felt that we were an after thought and this really irritated me as other shows that I have done this has not been the case and everyone has been treated the same. I walked away feeling bored of the perofmance that i gave because there wasnt time to build anything up, whilst others got too much time and there scenes were not cut when they should of been.

For my first show in London it was a very dissapointing experience and i can’t wait to get onto the stage at the Miller at some point to do a proper set.

Case Study – John Robins


When thinking about this weeks show there was one name that came to mind for a case study, John Robins. I am a regular listener to the John and Elis Podcast from Radio X and the one thing I love about this show is their honesty. Whilst other radio shows pump up the vibe talk all things positive there will be times when they dont and they are honest with the listener and this is great radio.

One of the things that used to be a great feature on the show was A Robin Amongst the Pigeons where John Robins read out an autobiography he had written for the show that went on about him starting out in comedy. Elis James, his partner in crime now does this himself with his gig diaries but I am sure he will be a great case study for another time.

One thing that John goes on about throughout his time on the show is feeling the vibe and to be honest, with this show i just wasnt feeling the vibe of the audience. Fron listning to things such as early comedy shows its obvious that some are always going to be hit and mix and to be honest my gig the other night reminded me of the  Marmite slogan. I love performing and the people that i was performing with but i hated the gig and the bad vibe it was giving me.

Maybe next time I do a gig i should listen to some Freddie Mercury and get in the zone like Robins does. (I saw him live in February this year and all the music before he even goes on stage is all Queen )