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A Little Thing Called Travel – British Holidays

There was a time in my life where most of the holidays I went on were around the British Isles. Even though it wasn’t abroad, I had some great time on holidays in the UK and got to see some of the great landmarks that we do really take for granted.

There have been some great adventures around the UK and most of them have been around the countryside or coastline all over the south west, the east and the North, so lets crack in to some of the holidays I remember.



I don’t remember much about holidays to Norfolk as i was really young but i do remember the pretty scenery of the Norfolk Broads and of a theme park ride on the beach called Joyland and there was a snail ride that I really enjoyed and lost a hat on. I can’t remember anything else then that but I know i had a good time as it was one of my first UK and remember there was a lot of pretty scenery.




As i have said in other articles, Devon was one of the areas that went to a lot when I was a kid and have great memories of it. The beaches were beautiful and spent hours at a time in the sea body boarding or in a rubber ring riding the waves. There is no where as beautiful as the south west in the UK and I have a lot of happy memories visiting those shores.

Isle of Wight


We went to Isle of Wight for a few days when I was a teenager and I remember we did a lot of cliff walking and sightseeing by foot. I remember that nature was a big part of this trip and remember walking through fields with absolutely hundreds of butterflies flying around us. Also one of my best memories was walking into a woods open field area and there being hundreds of bunnies hopping around and having fun in the sun.

The East of Scotland


When I was 17 we went up to Scotland and travelled the whole of the East coast of Scotland. We started in Aberdeen then got a coach to Bucky, then a coach up to the top of Scotland and then a boat to the Orkney Islands. We didn’t book any hotels we just walked into them on the way and booked them when we got there so it was very spontaneous. we saw some of the beautiful rustic areas of Scotland and even saw Seals chilling out on the rocks.


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