This week was the last lesson of the eight week short form course that I had undertaken with Stephen. It was sad that it had come to an end as i have learnt so much in the last eight weeks and felt that it has developed me even more in the world of Short Form Improv. From what i have learnt i really want to be able to perform  on stage again doing improv and in the new year my aim is to form a troupe as I feel this is the part that is missing in my progression. I am also deciding to go on a long form course to get the dynamics of that sorted so that I can start combining the two in a unique way and starting to gain ideas.

The group of improvisers i had had the pleasure to meet

This week we were all about getting ready for the showcase performance that was happening on Monday night. So this week was all about having fun as a group and playing some of the games that we have already played throughout our time on the course.

We warmed up by playing the Bunny game and then a new one around the number 7. You have to count to number 7 but can change it to a number, a letter of the alphabet or a day of the week.

Once we warmed up we then went into practising games we may have to do in the show next week. We played the story based games to get us back into the routine of who what where again. We played the game again where someone says the first line and someone says the last line and then the rest of us have to fill in the middle.

We then played more varieties of the genre rollercoaster when we would play a scene then replay it with different genres. We had the themed War film, Rom Com and Burlesque.

After this we then went back to playing games we made up on the spot and had fun testing the water with the new ideas again including games such as Amnesia Zoo, Aah Zucchini, Alphabet Jazzy and Anonymous Zombie.

It was a fun last week and looking forward to the showcase show as it will be fun to play one more time with these guys.

Case Study – Improvable


This week there was no question who should be this weeks case study but the one and only group that have been there for the past eight weeks training us, making us laugh and pushing us to be even better at improv, Improvable.

It has been such an honour to be trained under the wing of Stephan Davidson and his assistant crew, Stefano and Kao and all three of them i have learnt so much and really enjoyed being in all of their company.


I have learnt so much fromscreen-shot-2016-11-26-at-15-44-43 Stephan and he has been such a fantastic teacher. He has helped me improve as an improviser and develop even more in short form and to realise the possibilites that there is with the art form and has pushed me into creating potential ideas for performances in the future. I haven’t seen Stephan perform but that is my aim in the new year and i can already predict that he will be great to watch. If you are planning on training in Improv in London I would recommend looking into classes that he is doing as he is a really good trainer.


One of Stephans helpers which is also another member of Improvable is Stefano, who is a fantastic person to watch create improv. Just like Tom Walton (click here to read) from The Suggestibles, Matt Grant from The Noise Next Door and Jeff B Davis from Whose Line Is It Anyway (read about these both here) Stefano is a great inspiration for character based improv. He jumps into character very easily and just like the three above that i find inspiring, he will always jump into a scene and create a character that you wouldn’t expect to be put into that scene which always makes it both hilarious and so inspiring to watch him in a scene.



Just like Stefano, Kao is a pleasure to watch perform in a scene as she is so good at bringing it to life and creating some really funny scenarios. I really enjoy performing with Kao as well as watching her as she really is supportive to everyone in the scene and is always there to help both develop and allow improvisers to spread their wings.


The last 8 weeks have been really fun and I look forward to working with these guys in the future and being taught by Stephan again in the future as well.