ITV Launch new Chat show format

It was announced last week that ITV will be launching a new daily talk show that will be replacing their news at 10pm. The show with no name released at the moment will be started of being hosted by David Walliams.

Th show is set to try and be the UK version of chat shows such as Jimmy Fallon and Conan O’Brien and the success that they have in the United States of America. The show will be broadcast 5 nights a week filming as an ‘as live’ at 6pm and then beinf transmitted at 10pm the same day.

The programme will have different guests host in its initial eight weeks and David Wallaims will be the first ever host of the show which he has stated that he is thrilled to be doing.

No news yet as to what date the show is set to air, but we predict early in the new year.



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