A New Revolutionary way to watch stand up comedy is here…

14695529_1248383981850494_3650414982880753101_nIf you are looking for a brand new way to watch stand up comedy and brand new acts that approaching the scene then you have to look not further. Yesterday an app called NextUp comedy launched in the UK and is also available worldwide. For £3.50 a month you can both watch and download as many full stand up comedy shows as you want from some of the biggest names including Lou Saners, Time Renkow and Miles Jupp.

NextUp was founded by the people behind the Youtube channel and comedy nights called ComComedy and are working alongside Stuart Smith of Turtle Canyon who has shot most of the footage that is available.

When you are paying for the app you are not just paying to view the shows, you are also paying to support the comedians that have their shows on the app. The aim of the app, stated by co-founder Sarah Henley is that it is there to ‘support comic talent to share comedians.’

Everyone who signs up to the website / app is offered a 30 day free trial, but once you start, i guarantee the laughs you have will make you not want to stop. Watch the video below to find out more. Click the link to find out more about the company by clicking here


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