Comedy Clicks – Josh

Each week, we will be taking an in depth look at some of the best sitcoms and comedy shows from both the UK and the USA.

This week we look at a comedy show that started as a Comedy Shot with the BBC annual feeds and came up top was commissioned for a series and is already onto its second series already – Josh 


Opening Titles / Theme Tune/ Trailer

The opening titles is short and shows photographs of the group growing up together throughout university. here is the trailer for the show.


About the Show

Summary of Plot 

Sitcom about 3 old school friends navigating life together with their constantly nearby landlord. – IMDB

Number of Seasons / Episodes 



Josh Widdicombe – Josh

Elis James – Owen

Beattie Edmonson – Kate

Jack Dee – Geoff


+ The show is written by comedians Josh Widdicombe and Tom Craine who used to also appear regularly of Josh’s radio show on XFM

+ Comedians that have guest starred include – James Acaster, Romesh Rangenathan, Mike Wozniak and Felicity Ward

+ Writer Tom Craine appears in one episode as Kates ex boyfriend Tom

+ Jennifer Saunders appears in a few episodes as Beattie Edmonsons mother and actually is her mother in real life as well. (Father Ade Edmonson)

Classic Clips 

Owen Slaps Confidence in Josh

Shaggers breakfast 

Josh’s Fluffy Doppleganger

Talking Turbo

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