ALBUM REVIEW: Olly Murs – 24 Hours

screen-shot-2016-11-11-at-8-16-13-amLast year, it hit headlines that Olly had broken up with his girlfriend from a long term relationship. From listening to this album, it is evident that a lot of the songs were written around the time of this all happening.
The new album released today called 24 hours goes on a journey of heartbreak and picking yourself back up after. The album style is similar but also different to other Olly music – there are two main differences – the first is that there are songs that are a little more dance like, in the last album there was a couple that were starting to turn into this genre but the songs like Deeper are really breaking into this genre. The second big thing that is different is that his backing singer this time Is a woman and not the two guys that always do his back up vocals.
Most notable songs on the album include Back Around, a catchy song with classics underlying Olly styles and has the potential to be the next single. The single Grow Up because it has a catchy tune to it that is hard to forget. The song 24 hours pretty much defines the album as a whole with its underlying funky dance tones as well as the standard Olly style below it.

The last two album tracks are complete stand outs of the whole album as they are powerful and have the big tune type finale that any great Olly Murs album will have. On the first album it was A Million More Years and on Never Been Better it was the lead song on the album. The songs Better Without You and How Much For Your Love are big catchy and have that magic that creates an Olly album.
24 hours had a lot to live up to as his last album Never Been Better really blew it out of the court and provided some amazingly big songs. Whilst this album is very different, it has potential to entertain both new and old fans of Olly. It is a journey of a heartbroken man that many can associate with the emotions that go on in the songs.

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