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Forgotten Pop! This Week -Frankee and Eamon

There was a time where revenge songs was a thing and this happened back in the early noughties when an old relationship turned sour and made the music industry all about revenge music.

In 2003 Eamon released his debut single called “F**** It (I Don’t Want You Back)” and it immediately became an instant hit in the US. The single received mix reviews from music critics because of the amount of swearing in the song. The song still lead to a release of an album and singles that followed included ‘I Love Them Ho’s (Ho-wop) and many more. The album debuted at number 7 on the Billboard 200 with first week sales of 106,000 copies. Whilst Eamon is still around in the music industry an has not fizzled out I think its time we look at the response singer that an unknown artist released, Frankie.

Unlike Eamon, her career only lasted between 2003-2006 however in 2004 she reached the big time by releasing a retaliation song to Eamons hit single about their releationship. The song knocked Eamon off the top spot in the UK

Chris Moyles took the mickey out of both songs with a spoof version called ‘We Want You To Leave’ claiming that both singles were the product of what amounted to nothing more than a cynical marketing ploy by Eamon and Frankees record labels.

So lets take ourselves back to the time when these songs would not leave the airs of our radio.



Chris Moyles


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