Sky Arts Comedy Halloween Season

This Friday, Sky Customers will be able to both spook and laugh themselves silly with a bunch of Halloween Comedy shorts which are to be aired on Sky Arts. The shows will be available for Sky Customers on demand and if you are wanting to watch them live they will be available at a later date.

screen-shot-1The shows have been written by a variation of people including Jamie Demetriou, Guz Khan, Kiri Pritchard-McLean and Jayde Adams. Sky Arts have previously done themed television shows before including Christmas Shorts which included The Horne Sections Christmas, Nish Kumars Christmas, Pappy’s Christmas and Twisted Loafs Christmas and a batch of Comedy Shorts in Ireland which included episodes such as  Katherine Ryan in Ireland, Jason Byrne in Ireland and Sean Walsh in Ireland.

There are many different comedians lined up for the Halloween episodes and here is a list of all the show coming your way, below:

Ross Noble’s Horror: The Catchment

A couple move to a house so that they can be in the catchment area of a good school in the area for their unborn children, however not all is what it seems.

Jason Manford’s Horror: That’s The Spirit

Two teenagers play with an ouija board to contact the dead and when they are caught by their parents everyones in for a shock.

 Jamie Demetriou’s Horror: Oh God

A Kaufman-esque take on a classic sci fi horror film of body mutation. This is a surreall story set in a mundane world of a mid twenties normal guy who is gradually turning into a car.

Jayde Adams’ Horror: Bloody Tracy

Meet Tracy who is called Bloody Tracy and just like paranormal phenomena she appears in a creepy building also known as a supermarket.

Guz Khan’s Horror: Frightbusters

Stoned conspiracy theorists, Bongs and Ali, appear on a paranormal YouTube show to reveal their encounters with the paranormal and uncover the secret white demonic elite ruling the world.

Matt Holness’ Horror: Smutch

A middle aged writer is haunted by a ghost writer in a parody version of an Amicus horror film.

Steen Raskopoulos’ Horror: Scare BnB

Babs and Elliot rent out a Scare BnB to entice fans of horror to provide them with thrills in this haunted house. A ghost skeptic turns up and tries to prove he cannot be spooked so they turn in the real resident ghost to scare him to stop him ruining their 5 star rating.

Kiri Pritchard-McClean’s Horror – I’ve Got You Number

Kiri replies to a text message that wasn’t meant for her. They start to chat several times a day and slowly everything that was once fun turns dark and sinister.



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