Before the UK had the musical twins, jedward, there was a boyband that were a part of the nineties that were also twins and had a short lived music career and that band was Gemini.


The duo were produced by Ian Levine who was already repsonsible for Take That and they signed to EMI records and received strong support from the label. When they released their debut single Even Though You Broke Me Heart, their label put them on a whopping 81 date PA tour around the UK appearing on every television show possible. The single peaked in the charts at number 40.

They then released the single called Steal Your Love Away which did slightly better, peaking in the charts at number 37. The record label released one more single called Could It Be Forever and only reached 38 in the charts so EMI dropped the 17 track album The Difference Is… even though it was fully completed it was only released in Thailand. So, lets spend this afternoon listening to the duos singles

Even Though You Broke My Heart

Steal Your Love Away 

Could It Be Forever