Comedy Podcast Recommendations – Elis James and John Robins


If you are looking for a show to brighten up your daily commutes or bring laughter to your ears everyday then this is a show that you really need to start listening to in regardless how many there are to catch up on. Welsh comedian Elis James and Queen loving comedian John Robbins have been with Radio X (Former XFM) for two years, whilst their time slot keeps changing they are still getting bigger and bigger.

This Radio X show is not just another podcast, it is an hour love fest between too comedians and their brotherly love. They bicker and embarrass each other from time to time but they always end up complimenting or doting on each other in some way – which is what comedians tend to do!

The show is jammed pack with a vast variety of segments that’s are bound to make you laugh out loud.

A couple of the regular segments of the show 

Winner Plays On – Its Wales Versus a Queen Fan, Its Elis Vs John, the battle of who is most knowledgeable about their chosen subjects by answering 5 questions – if you want drama, tension and hilarity then this is the segment you will most enjoy.

Textual Healing  – When you hear this segment of the show the theme tune will get inside your head an either will irritate it or you will end up loving it. Its the part of the show when members of the public will phone in and talk about a problem they are having and Ellis and John will do all they can to help out. It can be anything from someone drinking wood (yes, you read that correctly) or having relationship problems – if you want help then these guys are you team to help.

Why Should I listen to this podcast?

If you want to listen to a podcast that is surrounded around two comedians having a good time whilst lightly taking the micky out of each other then this is the show for you. With their sidekick producer Dave or Producer Vin, they really are a delight to listen to and I bet you there are some episodes you cannot listen to on public transport without laughing out loud.

Where shall i begin?

All the podcasts are available to download and i really recommend starting from the beginning, getting used to the segments and the way the show works and the relationship between James and Robins. You can start in the middle of it but you may not appreciate the humour as much if you dont start from the beginning.

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