The Music Guide – Busted Special – James Bourne

It was announced last week that Busted are set to release their first album in 12 years this November. So to celebrate the return of the boy band, we will have a look at each of the bands solo careers and music projects away from the group. Next up is James Bourne.


When Busted broke up James returned to the music scene with a new pop rock band called The Son Of Dork, their first single was welcome to Loserville and they released their debut album Welcome to Loserville two weeks later. The band never officially split however they did go their own ways to pursue different careers. It did however, become a musical based on the album.

James then returned to music under the name Future Boy inspired by his favourite film, Back To The Future. He released electronic style music under this name and was released in 2010 called Volume 1. Volume 2 was officially announced however the album never surfaced.

He announced at the same time as Future Boy that he was to start a solo career and in 2012 did a sell out acoustic tour around the UK. Just like Matt, he also was part of the Mcbusted formation. So lets have a look at some of the music that he released in this time as well.

Ticket out of Loserville 

Two Princes

Get Up 

Sleeping With the Lights on (Mc Busted special)

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