The Improv Diaries – part 24 – Mock the Week

I was very excited by the first game that we did this week that I have decided to dedicate the case study to it this week. The first game we did this week was called Seven – we had to go round the circle and set the person next to us a topic and they had to come up with 7 things in relation to it like – ‘seven things you should/shouldnt do or say at a funeral/doctors/in the jungle etc’ When we had gone round the circle once doing this we then made it free for all where you could go in at any time with a comment – this is what made me think of Mock the Week but more on this later..

The main focus of the last lesson of May was to look at Scene work and develop our characters and being in them. The first thing we did was called Expand and

what i was thinking of.

Advance – this is when you are put in a scene with someone and you can only talk when someone says advance and when expand is shouted you can only do physical actions. I was in a scene with Karam of a lifeboat. As a suggestion I found this quite difficult as we both had completely different ideas as to what style of boat it was. I think Karam was imaging a dingy and I a really life boat so took a while to get into a swing of things.


what I believe Karam was thinking of

The next round of scene work we started to refocus on not saying no and only say yes and not block the other person. If anyone blocked the other person then the audience would freeze the scene to discuss where the scene went wrong and what the block was. The scene I was involved in only got froze once and that was because the direction of the scene was just to be highlighted as to how the audience want it to end.


It was a really fun lesson this week and hope for it to keep expanding our developments in June.

Case Study – Mock The Week

Now as I said earlier this weeks case study is Mock the Week and one certain round in particular. I have been waiting for ages to use this programme as a case study but nothing has come up that has allowed me to use it. Now, I know a lot of the show is scripted however, I still find that the ‘scenes we would like to see’ is a great game that I have always wanted to use in regards to improv as its just such a fun game with so many different outcomes. Here is a video of what I am talking about if you have not seen the show before.

I really enjoyed the seven game that we did as a warm up as it really gets your creative thoughts flowing and worked really well and comical as a big group. I am glad that I have finally been able to play a similar game to the Mock the Week round and that it was everything that I imagined.







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