A Little Thing Called

A Little Thing Called Television – It’s An Addiction…

With the introduction of streaming apps and websites such as Netflix it means that it has altered the way that we all watch television. I am sure that I am not alone when i say that this can be a positive and also a negative. Its a great thing to watch a show episode after episode without a gap, but this can also mean that you become so addicted to a show that when there is a gap in the seasons or it finishes completely you walk away feeling terribly lost and not knowing what to do with yourselves. I remember when Breaking Bad finished, i personally didn’t watch it but I know a lot of people that did and when it was over they walked around like zombies not knowing really what to watch and you see this even now with shows such as Game Of Thrones (again not my sort of show but seen  the effect it has on people.) I may not watch these two shows, however, there are many shows that I have been addicted to in the past and here is a list of some of the many shows i have binged on.


I got introduced to this show by a housemate at university and from the first season I was hooked. Its twist, turns and comedic humour just made it such a fantastic show to watch. I used to watch so many of them at a time that they started to effect my sleep and i started to have really vivid dreams that I was a spy which sometimes lead to me sleepwalking. The characters are really interesting batch and some of the storylines are absolutely mind blowing and you don’t see them coming.

Once Upon A Time

I came across this on Netflix one day an decided that it was time to give it a go as i had heard various things about it in American Media that i follow online and dived right in. The concept of the show took a few episodes to get used to the fast pace and the intense plot to try and fit everything in. Once you get past that it became like a drug. I was so addicted, watching episode after episode, night after night until i came to the end and had to wait for the next season. Which luckily for me Netflix had agreed to air weekly after a week or so after i had finished season 4. The stories have lots of twists and turns and its fascinating to see how all the fairy-tales fit together.


White Collar

This was another show that got a lot of publicity in the news and so I started to watch it when it finally come onto Netflix i was very excited as wanted to see the hype. Its a very good show i really liked the concept of it and the relation ship between the two main characters. When it goes further on in the seasons its does get a bit weak in places but you still want to watch to see what happens.


I only started watching this because one of my friends from school that i have kept in contact with recommended it to me. It took me a while to get into it as i found it similar to White Collar, but when i started to enjoy it i started to find it strangely addictive.

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