Ones to Watch -Once Upon A Dead Man

12814043_1006419732756979_4138571930334522762_nCharlie Simpson is famously known for Busted and Fightstar is about to burst through our radios and onto the music scene yet again. No, I am not talking about the Busted reunion tour that is happening in May, but the band that he has formed with his brothers Simon, and Will and good friend Edd for  Once Upon a Dead Man. The band formed in 2014 but are releasing music this year with an album called Concepts and Phenomena. 

The genre of the band indie electronic and is already starting to get positive reviews with Punktastic calling it  “a brilliant start for the group. Swaths of synths and sleek beats are brought together with haunting vocals to create a gloriously cinematic sound that’s rather romantic and heartfelt against a backdrop of a glacial soundscape.” (read the full review here )

Why not check out some of their music below:

The Canopy


Give Up 




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