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A Little Thing Called Television – Musical Moments

Musical moments are also used a lot in Television, in the world of the small box, musical moments are usually used to produce the emotion of laughter. (Unless you are talking about a show that completely relies on music like Glee, then its a whole different ball game.)

Growing up, there was a couple of shows I remember on children’s television that did a similar thing to Glee – use music to connote a feeling or emotion. One of the main shows son CBBC  that I can think of that used to do this was the S Club 7 television show – Miami 7, LA 7 etc. The music sung was only S Club so it didn’t have the comedy factor, it was just used to promote the band. Another one I remember was STARStreet* which was CiTVs band related television show.

This blog post will look at a variation of Musical Moments from a number of television shows – dramas and comedies etc. But before I get started, here is the one you are all waiting for:


I have only watched the first and part of the second season of Glee and when i first started to watch it, I really enjoyed both the music and the story lines, but I started to find it going in circles and got bored with it. When anyone thinks of Musical moments on television, Glee instantly springs to mind because all the emotions are expressed through the songs. So here is a few videos of a few of my personal favourite songs from the first season.

How I Met Your Mother 

The last video I posted for Glee nicely brings me onto my next show of discussion – How I Met Your Mother. An American comedy based around a father telling his children how he met their mother with each episode being a part of his life and focussed on his adventures with his 4 other friends. Neal Patrick Harris (who plays Barney) is very well known for his Musical Theater background so it was no surprise when they decided to produce an episode where he sung about his most beloved item as Barney Stinson – Suits! Here is a clip from Season 5 Episode 12


Ally McBeal

Now onto a bit of singing and a little bit of dancing! Ally McBeal became extremely popular in the 1990s and brought humour to the world of Law. Famous for its dancing in the toilet scene to Barry White and also the musical bar that they always went to. It would be a crime not to include this show! With stars such as Robert Downey Jnr and Bon Jovi singing in it as well, it brought in quite an audience.


The television show Friends ran for 10 Seasons and in that time there were many moments where song and dance were used for comedy – whether it was to show how camp Chandlers dad was, or how badly someone can’t sing and lets not forget Smelly Cat! – music was used a predominant theme for some of the shows episodes. Here are a couple of my favourite below.


The IT Crowd

I love the IT Crowd, it is one of my favourite television shows and this is def one of my favourite episodes – Season 2, Episode 1 – The Work Outing as I was not expecting there to be singing in it and I laugh so much everytime I see this episode.

The Fresh Prince of Bel Air 

Now onto the dancing! And what better way to start it off then the king of dancing on television – Carlton. His rendition to the Tom Jones song “It’s Not Unusual” was such a popular hit off of this show. Him and Will Smith dances as well also made a great entertainment factor .


Another UK Comedy where Music was something that was hardly used in the show to connote a point. The only time a musical part was used to create any sort of emotion was when Patrick finally tells Sally how he feels.

The Office (UK)

The comedy works of Mr Ricky Gervais, David Brent has some very classic musical moments- with his guitar and not forgetting his dancing. In this Mockumentary Comedy based around an Office in the UK, the dancing produces very good comedy moments. Here is the most memorable one below.

The Office (US)

I prefer the Office (US) – mainly because I love the characters and Steve Carrell is one of my favourite actors. In the first season, there was a dance scene which was in my opinion, their version of the Brent Dance. However, over the seasons there has been many music moments to create more of a comedy entertainment effect to the show. Using the talents of Ed Helms as a Bluegrass Banjo player away from acting, there have been many musical sections of this show. Just like other American shows, music is used to connote emotions.  Here are a few.

Gossip Girl

Musical moments in television can also be use to connote sexuality. Usually the music is used as a sense of feeling for the audience, not something that the actors and actresses react to. However, in the first season of Gossip Girl, a burlesque house setting bad boy/ladies man Chuck takes the  “innocent” Blair to and tells her that she is losing her bf because she can’t be as sexy as the girls on stage. This moment changes the whole dynamics of the show as it starts the relationship (which lasts the next 5 seasons) of Chuck and Blair

And Finally

Mr Bean 

Rowan Atkinson is again, one of my favourite actors as he can make comedy out of everything. This clip is short and sweet but a classic in its own right



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