Comedian Of The Week – Daniel Simonsen

This week, our comedian of the week comes all the way from the country where apparently the Disney film Frozen is set. No it not Olaf, instead it is a Norwegian comedian by the name of Daniel Simonsen. Daniel started performing in 2004 when he was living in Norway and moved to London so that he could develop his career in stand up comedy. In 2012 he won the Foster’s Edinburgh Comedy Award for Best Newcomer.

Since then he has toured the length of the country with his own stand up show as well as being support to Simon Amstell in 2012 and 2015. He has also appeared on Russell Howards Good News Extra as one of the comedians at the end of the show.

Daniel has also had a go at acting and has appeared in shows such as Vic and Bob’s House of Fools which he had a returning role on and will soon be back on our screens in the SKY Arts comedy called Rotters which follows a gang of idiots trying to rob an auction house.

I have seen Daniel live in the past and whilst he is not currently touring I recommend that when he starts again that you go and see him. He has fantastic facial expressions and takes the mickey out of himself and the fact that he comes from Norway. In his past routines he has gone on about a cat  with some very funny results as well as his housemates. Whilst it is unclear when he will return to touring, why not follow him on Twitter @Daniel_Simonsen to get a head start on his witty humour.

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