The Music Guide – Cobra Starship

It was announced in November that the band Cobra Starship were breaking up for good. The band which was signed to Pete Wentz’ label Decaydance and announced the split on November the 10th as they all wanted to work on new projects including them starting up a new company which will help new up and coming artists in the industry called The Artist Group which is set to launch in 2016.

The band has been in the industry for more than ten years and was formed by the bassist Gabe Saporta, who got the inspiration from a ‘vision quest’ he underwent when he spent time with Native American tribes and smoking peyote. It inspired him to create a band that had a melodic style which is heavily influenced by synthpop and hip hop.

The band has had a string of successful hits with various guests’ appearances on various songs including Leighton Meester, Mac Miller, Icona Pop and Alexandra Burke. They have also toured with a variation of bands too including Fall Out Boy, 3oh!3 and MetroStation. So say a last fairwell to the band, here is a look at their back catalogue.

Good Girls Go Bad (feat Leighton Meester)

You Make Me Feel…(feat Sabi)

Hot Mess

Guilty Pleasure

Never Been In Love (feat Icona Pop)

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